Advanced Innnovations


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The future of Retail Technology is here.

Advanced Innovations include using AI, RFID and self-checkout kiosks in your operations. With Advanced Innovations, you can grow and enhance sales, marketing, customer base, and inventory.


  • Identify potential customer profitability
  • Personalize marketing recommendations based on customer activity
  • Identify sales projections according to collected customer information
  • Maintain inventory levels with predictive AI data
  • Integrate with email and text marketing campaigns



Advanced Innovations – AI

AI (Artifical Intelligence) is a predictive analytics engine built into the Mariner’s Suite of Software Solutions. AI can have the biggest impact on marketing, sales and the supply chain. Now, Mariner’s team offers you those capabilities.


Advanced Innovations – RFID

We’re able to utilize RFID data with the help of AI to give your business an enhanced ability to improve sales and labor productivity. With Mariner’s RFID, you can collect data on location, movement of inventory and people, which can then be analyzed to optimize everything from stock levels to worker routes.

Smart Kiosks

Mariner provides smart recommendations on what your customers are likely to purchase when they use our AI-powered kiosks. By understanding past purchase behavior and analyzing current trends, we can make highly personalized recommendations for each customer that comes to our kiosks. This not only saves them time and hassle from having to browse through various products but also increases the chance that they’ll find something they’ll love. This is good for both the customer and your bottom line.



Complete Business Management Solutions for specialty retail including liquor stores, gift shops, distribution centers, and more.


Complete Business Management Solutions to address the specific needs of retail garden centers, wholesale, nursery, and landscape companies.


POS and Inventory Management solution to address the specific needs of businesses in the cannabis industry including medical/recreational retail dispensaries, cultivators, processors, and wholesalers.


Mariner Business Solutions provides point of sale software solutions across several industries including specialty retail, garden centers and nurseries, and medical and recreational cannabis.


Mariner Business Solutions provides hardware solutions for retail, back office, mobile, and more.


Mariner offers business services beyond POS and inventory management software and hardware. From training and support to project and warehouse management.


MBS Cloud Services allow for easy, scalable access to various applications, resources and services. Mariner Business Solutions provides all necessary infrastructure so there's no need to invest in additional resources or extra IT staff.